We are passionate and collectors of succulents and cacti, we are from Braga in Portugal.

It was in 2016 that we started having some succulents and cacti in our garden as a hobby, but the taste grew and of course the eagerness to have more and more species and also to know more about them. Over time we also made several exchanges, we shared ideas and experiences and these never end because we are always in constant change and learning.

We currently have several species in our collection from echeverias, crassulas, kalanchoe, cotyledon, stapelias and many others.

In 2019 we started selling some succulent seedlings through Facebook and then what was a hobby became a way of life and business that forced us to offer more than a few seedlings and to be in constant search and learning in order to offer species and solutions to our followers and customers.

We do not have a physical sales space, we only work online.

It was then that in 2023 we thought of the new challenge and having our website and online store in order to provide everyone with a more comfortable way of accessing our products in real time.

We work with the purpose of achieving the satisfaction and happiness of our customers.

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